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Daniel C. Masten

Discounted fees for UAW members

In 1978, the UAW announced the "UAW Legal Services Plans" as an employee benefit.  The Plan provided prepaid legal services to employees and their families, allowing workers to "focus on their jobs, not their legal probems." 
Due to financial circumstances, UAW Legal Services Plans is no longer available as a benefit, leaving employees on their own, relative to obtaining any kind of legal representation.   
Daniel C. Masten served as an attorney with the UAW Legal Services in Columbia, TN for eight years during which time he provided legal advice to a large number of UAW members.   After moving to  Indiana for several years,  Daniel has returned to the Nashville area to practice law and provide legal services for UAW members and their families.
The Masten Law office is located in Mt. Pleasant, and is now offering legal services to UAW members at a discounted rate.
UAW members and retirees are invited to contact Daniel for a free consultation.  
Phone:  (615) 647 0880



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